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What's Your Clear Number?

One of Scientology's main goals is to "clear the planet" - to get everyone on Earth to the state of Clear.

Based on data compiled from Scientology magazines - particularly The Auditor, which typically lists all new Clear attests - the majority of Clear attests happened during the late 1970s. During that time period, it was common for hundreds of Scientologists to attest to Clear each month. In the past few years, Clear attests have dwindled to a few dozen a year.

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The Clear List project is dedicated to Ida Camburn. Ida has been a tenacious Scientology watcher ever since her once-loving son became involved in Scientology and disconnected from her. For years, Ida collected Scientology publications and scanned the lists of names, searching for news of her son and making notes on Scientology movers and shakers along the way. In accordance with Scientology's vengeful policies, Ida's actions - including attending support groups, writing to her elected officials, and sharing information with other disconnected families - have been met with stalking and harassment by Scientology operatives. This project honors the pioneering work Ida did, and the loving concern she shares with the thousands of others who have lost family members to Scientology's practice of disconnection.

Clear Lists

The primary sources for these statistics are Scientology's Auditor magazine.

I have a complete run of Auditor magazines from 1977, 1978, and 1979. This was the most productive period for Clear attests in Scientology history: recent Auditors contain the claim that "There are now more than 50,000 Clears!" Nearly 20,000 Clear attests were announced between issue 131 - January 1977, which claimed 5812 Clears - and issue 166 - November 1979, which claimed over 26,000 Clears.

Note that the magazine stopped listing Clear Numbers in 1986 and stopped printing even an approximated total number of clears ("nearly 50,000" or "over 50,000") in 1999.

The following lists of Clear attests were taken from Auditor magazines. More will be added as I get them.

Issue          Approximate
Number of
Clears Listed
Stated Total
Highest Clear
Number Listed
Auditor 119January 19763351005100
Auditor 120February 19763851385138
Auditor 121March 19762151905190
Auditor 122April 19765652465246
Auditor 123May 19764553315331
Auditor 124June 19763853905390
Auditor 125July 19761554055405
Auditor 126August 19766354885488
Auditor 127September 19765355415541
Auditor 128October 19765456155615
Auditor 129November 19765456695669
Auditor 130December 19766257925792
Total for 1976532
Auditor 131January 19772058125812
Auditor 132February 19774058535853
Auditor 133March 19772758805880
Auditor 134April 19773759175917
Auditor 135May 19771159285928
Auditor 136June 19773860446044
Auditor 137July 19772160666066
Auditor 138August 19773961066106
Auditor 139September 19774561926192
Auditor 140October 19771162036203
Auditor 141November 19772762306230
Auditor 142December 19772362536253
Total for 1977339
Auditor 143January 19782263226322
Auditor 144February 19781263346334
Auditor 145March 19782063536353
Auditor 146April 19781763706370
Auditor 147May 19782563956395
Auditor 148June 19781264876487
Auditor 149July 19782965136513
Auditor 150August 1978723Clear Tally Soars!7462
Auditor 151September 19781765536553
Auditor 152October 19782065736573
Auditor 153November 19782165946594
Auditor 154December 197875687318731
Total for 19781674
Auditor 155January 197924489788978
Auditor 156February 197955995389539
Auditor 157March 197910851173311,733
Auditor 158April 19797861253412,534
Auditor 159May 19796431317613,176
Auditor 160June 19795561574415,744
Auditor 161July 1979281577315,773
Auditor 162August 19794071618216,182
Auditor 163September 197910701960219,602
Total for 19795378
Auditor 164February 1980880over 20,00020,445
Auditor 165April 19800over 25,000(none)
Auditor 166July 1980654over 26,00022633
Auditor 167October 1980146over 27,00022773
Auditor 168December 1980121over 27,00022894
Total for 19801801
Auditor 169May 1981101(none)22999
Auditor 170September 198148(none)23050
Auditor 171November 1981357(none)25118
Auditor 172December 1981142(none)25385
Total for 1981648
Auditor 173February 1982270(none)25662
Auditor 174April 19829332125(none)
Auditor 175May 1982219(none)27132
Auditor 176June 198249(none)27515
Auditor 177July 198245(none)27602
Auditor 178August 1982260(none)27865
Auditor 179September 198255(none)28042
Auditor 180October 1982174(none)28502
Auditor 181November 198239(none)28678
Auditor 182December 1982136(none)30204
Total for 19821340
Auditor 183January 198394(none)24082
Auditor 184February 1983102(none)24184
Auditor 185March 198326(none)26201
Auditor 186April 198366(none)28372
Auditor 187May 198347(none)26324
Auditor 188July 198362(none)26387
Total for 1983397
Auditor 189January 198453(none)30630
Auditor 190April 198439(none)30511
Auditor 191June 198457(none)33017
Auditor 192July 198440(none)33020
Auditor 193September 1984
Auditor 194December 198442(none)31105
Total for 1984231
Auditor 195March 198537(none)31927
Auditor 196May 1985127(none)32691
Auditor 197July 19851993892638926
Auditor 198August 19853238960(none)
Auditor 199September 19857(none)(none)
Auditor 200December 19858(none)33054
Total for 1985410
Auditor 201April 19866(none)(none)
Auditor 202June 1986
Auditor 203July 198673307033070
Auditor 204September 1986123307533075
Auditor 205October 198653308033080
Auditor 206November 19863033082(none)
Auditor 207December 1986
Auditor 208December 1986633086(none)
Total for 198666
Auditor 209January 19876433086(none)
Auditor 210March 19872533086(none)
Auditor 211May 19874633088(none)
Auditor 212August 198719(none)(none)
Auditor 213September 1987
Auditor 214October 198725(none)(none)
Auditor 215November 198721(none)(none)
Auditor 216December 198762(none)(none)
Total for 1987262
Auditor 217February 1988
Auditor 218April 1988
Auditor 219June 198815(none)(none)
Auditor 220August 19886(none)(none)
Auditor 221October 198818(none)(none)
Auditor 222December 1988
Total for 198839
Auditor 223February 198914(none)(none)
Auditor 224March 1989
Auditor 225May 198911(none)(none)
Auditor 226July 198949(none)(none)
Auditor 227September 198925(none)(none)
Auditor 228October 198918(none)(none)
Auditor 229November 19899(none)(none)
Auditor 230November 198912(none)(none)
Auditor 231December 198910(none)(none)
Total for 1989148
Auditor 232January 19900(none)(none)
Auditor 233April 199024(none)(none)
Auditor 234April 19900(none)(none)
Auditor 235June 19900(none)(none)
Auditor 236October 19900(none)(none)
Auditor 237November 199016(none)(none)
Total for 199040
Auditor 238February 19918(none)(none)
Auditor 239April 1991
Auditor 240June 19916(none)(none)
Auditor 241September 199131(none)(none)
Total for 199145
Auditor 242May 1992183(none)(none)
Auditor 243July 199270(none)(none)
Auditor 244August 199292(none)(none)
Auditor 245September 199293(none)(none)
Total for 1992438
Auditor 246June 199313847967(none)
Auditor 247July 1993
Auditor 248August 19937748133(none)
Auditor 249December 19932648518(none)
Total for 1993241
Auditor 250March 1994
Auditor 251June 199412748999(none)
Auditor 252September 1994
Auditor 253December 1994049273(none)
Total for 1994127
Auditor 254September 199511349539(none)
Auditor 255October 19952449607(none)
Auditor 256November 1995
Auditor 257December 19952649656(none)
Total for 1995163
Auditor 258February 19965949715(none)
Auditor 259March 19962949764(none)
Auditor 260June 19962849880(none)
Auditor 261September 199612over 50,000(none)
Auditor 262November 199612over 50,000(none)
Total for 1996140
Auditor 263January 199725over 50,000(none)
Auditor 264March 19970(none)(none)
Auditor 265April 19979over 50,000(none)
Auditor 266May 19970(none)(none)
Auditor 267June 199726over 50,000(none)
Auditor 268July 19970(none)(none)
Auditor 269September 199724over 50,000(none)
Auditor 270December 199716over 50,000(none)
Total for 1997100
Auditor 271January 19985over 50,000(none)
Auditor 272February 1998
Auditor 273March 199815over 40,337(none)
Auditor 274June 19981140,446(none)
Auditor 275August 1998
Auditor 276November 199811nearly 50,000(none)
Auditor 277December 1998
Total for 199842
Auditor 278January 19999nearly 50,000(none)
Auditor 279March 1999
Auditor 280May 199932(none)(none)
Auditor 281June 199912(none)(none)
Auditor 282August 1999
Auditor 283November 19996(none)(none)
Auditor 284December 19998(none)(none)
Total for 199967
Auditor 285February 200022(none)(none)
Auditor 286April 2000
Auditor 287June 2000
Auditor 288August 20009(none)(none)
Auditor 289October 2000
Auditor 290December 20002(none)(none)
Total for 200033
Auditor 291January 20011(none)(none)
Auditor 292February 20013(none)(none)
Auditor 293March 20011(none)(none)
Auditor 294April 20016(none)(none)
Auditor 295June 20015(none)(none)
Auditor 296October 200113(none)(none)
Auditor 297December 200111(none)(none)
Total for 200140
Auditor 298February 20024(none)(none)
Auditor 299March 20028(none)(none)
Auditor 300May 200214(none)(none)
Auditor 301July 20029(none)(none)
Auditor 302September 200215(none)(none)
Auditor 303December 200212(none)(none)
Total for 200262
Auditor 304January 200341(none)(none)
Auditor 305February 200330(none)(none)
Auditor 306March 20039(none)(none)
Auditor 307April 200313(none)(none)
Auditor 308May 200324(none)(none)
Auditor 309June 20033(none)(none)
Auditor 310July 200323(none)(none)
Auditor 311August 20034(none)(none)
Auditor 312September 20034(none)(none)
Auditor 313October 20030(none)(none)
Auditor 314November 20030(none)(none)
Auditor 315December 200311(none)(none)
Total for 2003162
Auditor 316March 20041(none)(none)
Auditor 317May 20041(none)(none)
Auditor 318June 200411(none)(none)
Auditor 319July 20043(none)(none)
Auditor 320August 20047(none)(none)
Auditor 321September 20047(none)(none)
Auditor 322October 2004(none)(none)
Auditor 323November 200418(none)(none)
Auditor 324December 2004(none)(none)
Total for 200448
Total for Lists I've Tallied So Far15013

Examining the Data: Annual Number of Clear Attests

Cornelius Krasel's Growth of Scientology page cites total numbers of Clears from various Scientology publications between 1966 and 1996.

I have created my own table, based on his numbers; where there was no specific number available (for example, 1967-1973), I approximated an average number of new Clears based on the next year for which I did have data (so, for 1967-1973, I estimated an average of 500 new Clears a year). Those years are marked below with an asterisk in the last column.

I am in the process of adding to this table and linking to the lists that appear in each issue of The Auditor.

As you can see, the number of Clear attests in recent years is tiny compared to the late 1970s. The graph and table below provide more details.

Number of New Clears Each Year, 1966-1996

Year Total Clears New Clears Data Approximated
1966 1 1
1967 500 499 *
1968 1000 500 *
1969 1500 500 *
1970 2000 500 *
1971 2500 500 *
1972 3000 500 *
1973 3500 500 *
1974 4000 500
1975 4648 648 *
1976 5296 648 *
1977 5943 647
1978 8300 2357
1979 21300 13000
1980 24050 2750 *
1981 26800 2750 *
1982 29550 2750 *
1983 32311 2761
1984 38000 5689
1985 41550 3550 *
1986 45100 3550 *
1987 48650 3550 *
1988 52200 3550 *
1989 55750 3550 *
1990 59316 3566
1991 55591 -3725
1992 51866 -3725 *
1993 48133 -3733
1994 48000 -133
1995 49656 1656
1996 49880 224

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