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No: 3 UK

March 1984

Editor: Jon Atack, "Avalon", Cranston Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex


Hello! This month's issue is largely the work of ex "AUDITOR" Editor, Ron Biggs. Ron will probably steal the last scraps of the editor's hat from me fairly soon.

Since December numbers have nearly doubled. I know of over 200 UK Scientologists who're disenchanted with the Church (despite Mike Garside's recent placating noises to the UK press!) We mail to about 1500 Scientologists, and so far only 14 have asked to be removed from the mailing list.

The Independent Scientologists ideal goes ahead. I want to stress that its just an association - a third dynamic group - it'll become whatever its members choose to make it. The Independent Scientologists won't be managing orgs, just keeping active Scientologists in comm.

Paul Franklin, ex-Qual Sec St Hill Fdn, is taking on the field chaplain/qual sec hat. We intend to continue as we've begun - a very clean, high-tone, theta group! I've been working full-time since September, and intend to hand most of the accumulation of hats during the next month (and get into my Solo Nots!) I'll still keep open house on Sunday afternoons.

Finally: our game isn't attacking the Church, it's making a better world. It's best not to react to the Church's enturbulation (witness the recent and peculiar "Stamp out the Squirrels" campaign. It's tempting to form the "Help the Lemmings Over the Cliff" campaign, but ...) Just carry on giving, getting and using the Tech. As LRH says (in the "Politics" PL):

"Just get on with making a sane world and it will come out all right"

Jon Atack

Exciting New RTC Mystery Voice Game!

John Zegel recently sent copies of RJ 36, RJ 38 and an LRH tape lecture on Study to two independent universities, one in Canada and one in the USA. The experts there are the same people who analysed the Watergate tapes.

Both sets of experts reported independently that, in their opinion, the three tapes were made by three separate people. These results were presented as opinions but the skill of the experts is such that they were able to state, for example, that one of the voices belonged to someone born in California who later lived in more northern States.

Not many of us will be surprised by this revelation but it's nice to have it so thoroughly confirmed by experts, isn't it?

Further confirmation comes from the Phoenix Report, journal of the independent scientologists in the California area. "A voice print has been done and the results prove that LRH IS NOT THE SPEAKER ON THE LAST TWO RON'S JOURNALS. R.L. Addison of Carson Investigations, 198 West Hastings Street, Suite 107, Vancouver, BC did the test."

We have the Bridge

It is widely known by now, but it is worth repeating for newcomers. The field of Independent SCientologists is in possession of the ENTIRE confidential Tech issue library and related materials. The truth is that, with David Mayo, the Field actually has more materials than the old Church. The monopoly is no more and now you, too, can cross Ron's Bridge, all the way.

Merrill Mayo of the Riverside group is assisting in establishing an Independent AO in Denmark.

Regina versus Black PR against the AAC

No, despite what the RTC would have you believe, David Mayo does NOT have a brain tumour and nor is he at death's door. No, despite Sea Org missionaires' assurances that it had, the AAC did not close down. Quite the contrary, as Regina Dennison, long-time Scientologist and former staff member, of Durban, South Africa, discovered. "My going to the AAC was not the result of doing a doubt formula. I wanted auditing. I wanted it at an affordable price. I did not want 2 Intensives worth of unnecessary and possibly upsetting sec checks. To date I had been almost exclusively black PR'd about David Mayo .... Up to the point of my arrival, all I had heard was negative ("Data" put out by C of S) my heart - it is no light thing to gamble one's spiritual freedom - this is what I experienced: I was met at the airport, taken to my motel, collected the next morning, briefly shown round the Centre, suppressed my delight at the aestheticness and upstatness of it - I was still expecting to be disappointed any second -had a D of P interview 10 minutes later, my first session the same afternoon, totally spot-on CSing and auditing, felt wonderful, and I still hadn't paid a penny because I'd forgotten my money ...."

"It's called trust and high-tonedness and high ARC. If you look across the top of the Chart of Attitudes and Human Evaluation you'll find what I experienced .... My allegiance is with the AAC because I believe that at this point they represent the true spirit of what Scientology is all about."

Advanced Ability Centre for East Grinstead

Plans are nearing completion for the establishment of an Advanced Ability Centre in East Grinstead. Initially, there will be a staff of 5, including 3 NOTs Auditors. The Tech will be under the overall guidance of David Mayo as Senior C/S International. This will make it possible to deliver further Advanced Levels as they are released.

Communications about AAC East Grinstead go to the AAC comm relay point for the UK and Europe, Martin Ruston, 1st Floor Constitutional Buildings, High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex. Telephone (0342) 27697 during office hours.


This drawing gives a hint of the lovely woodland setting of Candacraig, the AAC, Scotland.

Short-term Accommodation Needed

As the delivery of services by the Independent Scientologists in the East Grinstead area steps up, there is a growing need to provide accommodation, for short periods, to visitors from out of town and abroad. We ask that anyone who can help in this area to please contact "Reconnection" with details. We want to have a ready answer to this possible barrier to delivery.

[Letter from Bruce Bishop]

At Christmas 1983, BRUCE BISHOP, Class VIII, PRO, NOTS Completion, wrote to a friend what was intended to be a short note. As he developed his ideas about the worsening effects of RTC management, the letter grew to 12 closely typewritten pages. Reading the letter so soon after my own weighing up of the present Condition of the Church, I found its message uplifting. Bruce has beautifully expressed things which need to be recognised
and acted upon. I pass on to you a very few excerpts. I think you will agree that what he says provides a guideline for our future actions together.

" .... It scares the hell out of me, not so much because it puts the Organization at risk, but because it is only a matter of time before the Tech itself will be tainted and perverted in the Orgs. If that happens, there will be no choice but to turn away. They will no longer be supportable in such a condition. This is the magnitude of crime of these mal-intentioned managers. These are the lessons of history. Thus it has been with Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and every other ethical movement whose administrators adulterated principle to safeguard their power."

" It appalls me all the more therefore to see such startling parallels within my own movement to hear the echos of an authoritarianism which I despise, to observe the ugly name-calling, to witness the hardening of hearts of Scientologist against Scientologist as individuals become increasingly polarized.

"All this effort, waste and enturbulation when what we all should be doing is auditing and training people as quickly and honestly and cheaply as we can. What is needed, before it is too late, is a reaffirmation of our fundamental purposes and the freedom and encouragement to pursue those purposes.

" .... One thing I know for a certainty: if we are to have a civilization of which we can be proud, it will be based on respect for Truth; clearly delineated individual Rights; free and uncorrupted, unperverted and unaltered Communication.

" .... When an organization begins making Clears and above, it must soon begin operating at a tone level equal to theirs. An Org that fails to do so will lose its high-toned members or be forced to change by them.

" .... You cannot make free beings and then expect to control their destinies. Their gratitude may grant you a temporary protection, but their silence cannot be mistaken for support. Can you imagine real OTs consenting to an authority which would determine what they can do, who they communicate or associate with?

" .... It occurs to me to stop for a moment and give you thanks for listening and duplicating. What began as a brief note has become a major unburdening. You see, I have suppressed a lot of communication. Over the years, I've justified the unjustifiable. I have not lept to the snarling defense of those I knew could not be so guilty as was claimed. I have allowed reputations to be smeared by strutting little tyrants. Too many times it was easier to look the other way. In communicating this to you I am experiencing a return to integrity. This scene may not be pretty, it may not be true for you, but its true for me.

"However, that is all long past and there is nothing to be done but this: to draw out every lesson, clean the slate and pledge myself to never repeat those errors. To be hostile to wrong in whatever guise. To ignore my fellows when they mutter and put pressure on me not to rock the boat, but to be "reasonable" and accommodating.

" .... There is a terrible irony in this scene. That over the years, while we gained in perception, ability and personal well-being, we have been giving up our rights speak freely, to associate, even to think freely has become debilitated.

"Now, to regain my self-esteem and the full measure of my freedom, I am taking back these basic rights. Those that have enjoyed the power which I, and others, gave them by silent acquiescence (in the misplaced intention to aid or strengthen the group) may now resent this change of status. But these prerogatives were never rightfully theirs. It was an error for me to have allowed their enfeeblement - no group is strenthened by weakening its individual members. And this resurgence of integrity informs me that I was overdue to reclaim them.

" .... There is so much hope and richness in this world. It's our job to preserve and enhance it."


[Creating Things]

"An individual who has a free heart and mind about life is bent upon creating things" (LRH Fundamentals of Thought)

At recent meetings of Independent Scientologists there has been plenty of evidence of the truth of this statement of Ron's. Conversations are filled with new ideas, new projects and fresh starts. There is that sense of rebirth and eagerness to reach outwards so characteristic of winning scientologists.

"Reconnection" is happy to publicise new ventures and to spread their good effects. Feel free to write to the Editor with news of your activities and projects. In this way we can help you to link up with like-minded individuals to push together towards success.

After the news of the opening of Irene and Steve Kaye's Academy in East Grinstead appeared in the last issue of "Reconnection", Irene received interested enquiries from Epsom, Reading, London and Dover. All over the country scattered groups or individuals are beginning to raise their heads and look around with renewed hope. The group in Reading, Berkshire, includes many trained auditors and dozens of OTs who, after years of dormancy, are experiencing the rekindling of their goals.

Grass Roots

Just as in the early days, Dianetics and Scientology is spreading rapidly among brand new people. The blunting of any desire to bring new people into the Church, whether from embarrassment about the astronomical "donations" or from uneasiness about the mood within the Church generated by the RTC, has now been swept away. Scientology is once more readily available to anyone. Survival Services Incorporated in Clorado, for example, report that half of their public consists of people brand-new to Scientology.

Book Project

Eric and Vicky Ballard of the Association for the Study of Knowledge (ASK) are progressing well with their project to produce basic books to bridge over to books by LRH.

Eric is keeping to a daily target of writing while Vicky is negotiating with publishers. The first book is intended to aid parents who want to help their children to do well at school. It will include a trouble-shooting list and will feature a race of gremlins called the Can't-Be-Dones and how to handle them.

Guidance-for-the-Perplexed Department

Steve Kaye has a collection of tapes and documents which are available to those who are seeking to sort the wheat from the chaff regarding the old Church and its former public and staff, the Independent Scientologists. If you know of someone who is still in a state of bewilderment and doubt about the current situation, put them in touch wth Steve who can provide them with the data they need to form their own judgements. Contact Steve at 120 Queens Road, East Grinstead, telephone (0342) 313682.

An Idea For Discussion

In an article in the Journal of the AAC the suggestion is made that small groups are the most effective and that things start to deteriorate when they get too big. "When the group first gets going, it tends to be a "Gung-Ho" operation. The hats are ill-defined, everyone pitches in and helps out where needed. Few policies or orders are needed, as all the staff know what is needed and wanted because they can SEE it. Everyone knows everyone else, and the atmosphere is friendly and energetic, filled with the ambience of a new group .... the "Honeymoon Period".

" .... I think the first message is not to fall into the trap of too much policy. If the group is small and efficient, keep it that way. Expand by creating new small groups."

What do other Independent Scientologists think about this? We are in the "Honeymoon Period" now. Where do we go from here?

(LRH, Scientology Basic Staff Hat Book)



Up till now "Reconnection" has been supported by donations from the Field. Your financial support is vital in keeping this comm line open. Many people have been asking what donation they should make. From now on, "Reconnection" will be published monthly and it has been agreed that a subscription of 12 per year would be fair. This subscription will guarantee your own copy and will support the work of making "Reconnection" widely available. Please make your cheques payable to the OT Committee UK.

Mailing List

Notify us of people you would like to see receiving "Reconnection". Additions to the mailing list are welcomed. Alternatively, if you wish to be taken off the mailing list, we will also be willing to oblige.

Letters to the Editor

"Reconnection" is really reaching out and creating effects around the world.

A Class IV C/S was on the staff of a mission in Munich, Germany. After receiving our mailings he left staff and is now auditing independently at home. He writes, "Thank you for doing what you're doing."

From the Arabian Gulf.

"Thanks for the communications. I enclose.a contribution. Congratulations on what you've done. That's what Scientology is all about. We won't be fooled again." A.R.

Not all were delighted.

"Today I received another in the series titled "Reconnection" from Jon Atack. It follows the usual pattern - natter, overt and covert, and encouragement to go to splinter groups to get services.

"I really can't decide if it's worth that much time and effort to keep writing up the same things each time one of these pieces of entheta arrives. Suffice it to say that it is enclosed and that I still have the hope that Mr Atack will stop sending them to me as I have already made it abundantly clear, again and again, that I consider them entheta in the extreme."

Executive Director, York Mission

From Hollywood, USA

"I want to commend you for your great work! You have helped to tie the field together. The data in your newsletter is informative, interesting and valuable - all with a sense of humour. Please put me on your mailing list."

From Scotland

"I received Reconnection No 2 the other day and because of it, I've rekindled an old goal - that of becoming Clear and OT. I shall be attending Candacraig in Aberdeenshire. A very big Thank You! for your comm line which made it all possible." G.K.

[Light-Hearted Definitions]

Here are a few light-hearted definitions borrowed from the Journal of the Advanced Ability Centre:

Price of Freedom: That which increases at a rate of 5% a month. The price of Total Freedom ... approaches infinity.

"8-8008": A book whose cost will match its title by or before the year 2000, at 10% increase per month.

RTC: The only Agency other than God which has the power to suspend or set aside the inalienable rights of Man.

Stupidity: Trust after betrayal

Suppressive Act: Thinking for oneself and having the guts to express it.

Truth: That which Big Brother decides you need to know.

True Believer: One who has attained the State of Freedom from Independent Thought.


Fred Smithers
Denise Smithers
Terry Whiteman
Loretta Whiteman
Matt Allan
Christine Allan
Mike Clark
Madge Scott

Re-opening the Training Route

The way in which auditor training was blocked in recent years had even more serious implications for the future than the blocking of

A conservative figure for the cost of training as a new person at Flag, from 0 to Class IV, based on current prices, is 10,000! This includes the compulsory purchase of at least a Mark V E-Meter, all the course packs, all the books and all the tapes for the courses. The 10,000 figure excludes the cost of accommodation, food, Internship, Student Hat, PRO TRs Course or cramming. With a mountain like that rearing up, how many were willing to start?

The setting up of Academies of Independent Scientologists has changed all that. The training route has completely opened up. You can start your auditor training with an E-meter borrowed from a friend, with a bought or borrowed course pack and with LRH books available in the Academy. At 3 per night, you are immediately on your way.

Remember that original desire to be an auditor yourself? There's nothing to stop you now.

Field Auditor's Report

One of the glories of being an independent auditor is that one works only for the pc. There is no stat or target to meet, no Product Officer to handle and no Thursday 2pm. The pc does not have to put himself at risk financially, believe in disconnection or have confessionals to check on eligibility.

The auditing session is only there for case gain, and the Tech is used for that purpose alone. What a pleasure it is to work with people who are able to move up the line, to get help when they need it and have a pleasant future.

An auditing session is enhanced enormously by the personal relationship with the pc. One is just a being like the pc; not a staff member or Sea Org member or whatever. One lives a similar life and has similar values. ARC is up, reality is booming and whatever one is going to do will be so much easier. Auditor trust is greater as the pc knows that the auditor is responsible to him and can fulfill his codes and obligations without interference.

- K Boland

London Course Room ( 01-567 6525)

Auditor training is available in West London. We have a supervised course room with LRH references, volumes, packs and tapes.

The charge is 3 per evening 7 - 10 pm.

Our plan is to set up a network of Tech and admin people all over London. Give us a ring and let us know what you need and want. We will train and audit you or put you in touch with someone who can. Also, let me know what service you are willing to deliver so that we can get people in touch with you.

Mike Lawley


Since the last issue of "Reconnection" the EG Independent Group has continued to produce high quality results, including two more Advanced Level 5 completions, an Advanced Level 5 Review, two Current Auditing Completions, a Dianetics Case Completion, Method 1 Word Clearing and another Review.

Success Stories from the Independent Group

(these are extracts from the full success letters)

AO Review:

"I have just completed my AO review and cleared up years of Scientology auditing and rehabilitated and validated all the tremendous wins I have made during that period.

"Thanks very much more than I can say to Morag for her wonderful auditing, and to Steve for his early and spot on C/Sing and D of P interviews, the people who live and work with the tech as easily as if it belonged to them, which it does, and who have helped me more than I can say, when I really needed it, and to LRH who made it possible for all of us to have." K.G.


"I couldn't believe I could make it, after a year and three months since my last session - which was not successful.

"My doubts as to the workability of the tech are fully dispelled. I know that the tech works and this is a lot when it comes from a very dissatisfied NOTs pre-OT - after all the unhappy turmoil and enturbulation.

"Just when I thought I'd lost it forever and given up the Bridge I regained my certainty. Indeed, I rediscovered Scientology and am quite ecstatic about it!"

Yaron Hillel

Advanced Level 1 Completion

"I really feel I'm on the OT levels now. I have got gains from this level beyond any expectations."


New Era Dianetic Case Completion

"I feel I have located and got off some really insidious postulates in my recent auditing. I'm more extroverted and interested in my future too.

"Morag's auditing has a very fast "particle flow" and went very smoothly."


Audited NOTs Completion

I started NOTs nearly a year ago, had one week of auditing, then left through various circumstances. In January of this year, I "continued" on this cycle and although my "life" and "livingness" conditions were hardly ideal I got incredible wins. The more I did the more stable I became. Now I am delighted to have carried on, even through a difficult time, for it has got me through and set me up for what really matters - life. I cannot describe the difference I feel within me but I know the difference and its wonderful.

"Very many thanks to Steve for auditing me so well, and to Morag and Ron - Thanks to LRH too of course.

love, C.H.

Method One

"This action cycle was auditing at its best - PURE MAGIC."


Advanced Level 5

"As ever - brilliant C/Sing and brilliant auditing. I'm more than satisfied."


"Since starting my NOTs in December, 1981, I haven't had such a win! Its the first time indeed, that I can attest without any doubts or reservations to the completion of my current auditing cycle ie Resting Point in such a short auditing cycle. I feel much more myself helped ie Steve Bisby, Morag, Ron Lawley and LRH."



"I feel very happy having completed the DCSI, and having rehabilitated the state of Clear after some invalidation on the way.

"Now I just want to continue my route to OT, as I have always wanted.

"Many thanks for your important assistance in my way to total freedom. I feel happy and confident again. Much love, Inigo Florez de Losada.

And then there were none .....

The RTC's desire to impress upon the gullible a fantastical scene bolstered by imaginary statistics has caused them to somehow overlook a truly damning statistic. This is a statistic which wasn't trotted out in RJ 38. The number of Clears produced by Orgs around the world, as reported in the AUDITOR (WW issue) since 1977, makes interesting reading. 1977 - 599, 1978 - 384, 1979 (introduction of DCSI) - 17,114, 1980 - 6069, 1981 - 3172, 1982 - 115, 1983 - 50, 1984 - ? Oh, dear!

Desperate measures

With ever-increasing numbers of scientologists resigning from the Church, it is obvious that Saint Hill's mailing list must be declining. How to handle the problem of "pushing up the Mail Out stat", then? Easy. Simply send two of everything to those still remaining on the list. Send two identical packets, on the same day, at twice the postage! "But that's crazy!", you say. Uh-huh. Saint Hill Foundation has gone better. They have sent out three identical packets on the same day at three times the postage cost. We now await a quadrupled mailing.

[Paul Franklin, Qual Terminal]

Hello, I'm PAUL FRANKLIN and I would like to let you know that I'll be wearing the hat of QUAL TERMINAL to any in need. Per LRH:

"Qual is an individual approach. Qual is the students' and pcs' friend. A last refuge when other doors close" (HCOPL "Qual. Senior Datum")

Now, a potential slow to our expansion as a group has been brought to my attention, so I'd like to remind all of a few basic LRH data:

"A man is alive as he can communicate" and "Speed of particle flow alone determines power"

These two are well-known, and well borne out by the speed of the local grapevine, and the general good indicators in the field. However try these for size:

"While it may be true that something is undesirable or that a person is bad, it if serves no good purpose to make the statement, the issuance of this "truth" is in reality the establishing of an entheta Line"

and "At 4.0 the individual passes communications freely ... and rather tends to cut entheta communications - which is to say, lines he knows as vicious or slanderous he is not likely to assist" (both from Science of Survival. )

Now most of us are guilty of the odd bit of gossip, and others' secrets (or even case data) passed on "to a close friend". But this is entheta, and it travels just as rapidly on a non-selective grapevine as theta.

So, if its good news, let everybody know; but if it's bad news either don't pass it on, or come and tell me as Qual, telephone (0342) 25734 (evenings and weekends). I'll see what I can do to correct any outpoints for you. ARC. Paul.

Ripping Off Mailing Lists (or the overt doth speak loud in accusation)

You may have received various anonymous letters attacking the AAC recently. Along with these has been a letter from Maria McCord. The following is extracted from Harvey Haber at the AAC.

"A few weeks ago Maria McCord came to the AAC to visit .... She was warmly welcomed .... we believe that her intentions, at the time, were decent and sincere."

"While she was here, living with us, her husband was contacted by the RTC. He, in turn, called Maria. Although we did not know it at the time, he told here that he would have to disconnect from her, unless she cooperated and did certain things. Under the threat of potential loss of the marriage, and as a act to demonstrate that she would do anything to get back in "good standing", Maria stole a copy of one of our mailing lists. She subsequently wrote the obligatory entheta letter, containing the obligatory lies. Sigh."

Chuck O'Steen also contributed two letters to the "Stamp out the Squirrels" project. We hear that this was done under duress and that he has since apologised to David Mayo mentioning that 4 RTC bullies had squeezed the entheta (and untrue) letter out of him.

[Letter from Beth Scupham]

A letter from Atlanta, Georgia, former Mission Holder, BETH SCUPHAM, expresses something many of us feel, as this excerpt shows:-

"But after all that has happened this past year I am shocked by the cowardice of myself and others. I feel that I was a braver little soul pre-Scientology. That RTC has gotten away with their excesses is an indictment of all of us for not having the good sense to put a stop to it."

This feeling re-inforces Bruce Bishop's resolution to "pledge myself to never repeat these errors. To be hostile to wrong in whatever disguise." It really is up to us now.


Independent Scientologists ( partial list )

John Ablett
Bob Ainsworth
Armorel Allen
Mick Alpin
Val Alpin
Dora Atack
John Atack
Brian Auker
Unni Auker
Chris Barnes
Joyce Barnes
Vince Barnes
Eric Ballard
Vicky Ballard
Mitch Beedie
Julian Bell
Horag Bellmaine
Carmen Biggs
Ron Biggs
Steve Bisby
A Boland
K Boland
Mohamed Bouderba
Maurice Broad
Andrew Brown
Michelle Brown
Terry Brown
Mauricio Cattarossi
Neville Chamberlain
Fiona Cowe
Joanne Dancer
Bill Devlin
Nicky Devlin
Gary Earle
Diana Fearon
George Fearon
Sue Fisher
Philip Gardiner
Alan Groothius
George Hanson
Yaron Hillel
Ralph Hilton
Thelma Hodges
Jay Hurwitz
Pan Hurwitz
Kim Hutton
Peter Impey
Margaret Jennings
Irene Kaye
Steve Kaye
Jenny Lansdale
Harinder Lawley
Mike Lawley
Ron Lawley
Debbie Leighton
Noella Milner
Colin Mills
Emma Mitchell
Tony Moss
Iris Palfreyman
Marie-Sylvie Patterson
Bevan Preece
Phyllis Preece
Adrian Ribolla
Frankie Robinson
Steve Robinson
Manuel Rodriquez
Martin Ruston
Adrienne Scott
Helen Silcock
Peter Silcock
Don SummonS
Mel Slnith
Maryon Stewart
Darrell Sykes
Linda Tedman
Patrick Tedman
Peter J Webb
Barrie Weller
Heather Wray
Mike Wray

[Letter from A and K Boland]

Dear All

The enthusiasm of our new public pc and his eagerness to move into East Grinstead remind me of when we first arrived in 1975 to do services at Saint Hill. The Atmosphere of EG was light and beautiful, being on course was idyllic, meeting your friends in the street was fun in those years before your friends had problems with getting their services! Remember those days?

This is what makes it specially enjoyable to be able to open our doors to new people. All the embarrassment has come off dissemination for us. New people can enjoy a safe environment at an affordable price. People who have dropped off lines for various reasons are welcome to come to us to vent their BPC in a D of P interview or a chat over a cup of tea.

Having worked with Organisations for 6 years and with training and experience up to Class IV, including D of Ping, C/Sing, Ethics and Qual, we are well equipped to handle all up the processing route, including the Grades to completion of NED.

As he wears a lot of hats, a field auditor has to be especially vigilant regarding the standardness of Tech and we are constantly referring to our Tech volumes and especially to books, charts and scales, which seem to have come into their own since we decided to work "outside".

There is exchange for this, either in money, commissions or help with their own cases or training.

So, if you would like to get on with your own case progress, or know someone else who needs to, or have done some dissemination in the past and now want your new person to have some services, please feel free to write, phone or drop in any time for a chat.

A being is only as valuable as he can serve others, and we would like to serve a lot more people!

A and K Boland, 16 Blackwell Farm Road, East Grinstead, telephone (0342) 22731.

Growing Strength

Two more Class XII Auditors are now operating in the Independent Field, MURRAY CHOPPING, in San Francisco, and RUSS MEADOWS in Colorado. A powerful Phoenix is rising from the ashes!



The Journal of the Advanced Ability Centre, 1187 Coast Village Road 1, Santa Barbara, CA 93108, USA

Change of Viewpoint - Martin Price, 2087 Grand Canal Blvd. 2, Stockton, CA 95207, USA

Dianetic Journal Notes, CABA, 4921 Quincy St, San Diego, CA 92109, USA

Nexus News - Bill & Connie Hamilton, PO Box 11177, Glendale, CA 91206, USA

Phoenix Report - 215 N. Adams St, Glendale, CA 91206, USA

Mark Jones - 3400 Ben Lomond Place, Site 123, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA


Irene Kaye's Academy, 120 Queens Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex

EG Independent AO, 52 West Hill, East Grinstead, West Sussex

ASK - Association for the Study of Knowledge, 21 Wellington Close, Pound Hill, Crawley, West Sussex

Jay and Pam Hurwitz Academy, Knowle Corner, Sharpthorne, West Sussex

Mike Lawley's Academy, London Telephone 01-567 6525

Advanced Ability Centre Scotland, Candacraig, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire.

European Groups:

Contact: Carol Kanda, Theta International, Sct Pauls Plads 3, 1314 Kobenhaven K, Denmark for general information

Contact: Capt. Bill Robertson, Chairman, or Committee WW, Lista de Correos, Mostoles, Madrid, Spain, for information on Spanish groups

American Groups:

Revitalization Center (Valerie Stansfield Cl 7 & 9), 1050 Maple Street, Burbank, CA 91505

The Clear Center (Jon and Vivien Zegel, both Cl 6) 215 N. Adams St, Glendale, CA 91206.

Advanced Ability Center (David Mayo, Cl 12) Site 243, 1187 Coast Village Road 1, Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Survival Services Incorporated (Russ Meadows, Cl 12) 1670 South Elkhart St, Aurora, Colorado 80012

Lloyd and Thea Greenbery (Cl 8 & Cl 6), 1560 Meadowbrook Road, Alta Sera, CA 91001

Personal Efficiency Center (Merrill Mayo Cl 12) 3485 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92501

Center for Advancement of Human Potential, 5016 California Street, Omaha, Nebraska

Center for Personal Achievement, 2087 Grand Canal Blvd, Stockton, CA 95207

Reformed Church of San Diego (Larry West Cl 8), 4921 Quincy St, San Diego, CA 92109

Kingsley Wimbush (FEBC), 3024 Neal Ave, San Jose, CA 95128

Enid Vien, 1838 Fullerton Ave, Costa Mesa, CA

There are many other US groups - contact either CADA or the Phoenix Report for further data.

Australian Groups

Centre for Personal Enhancement, 15 Birdwood Road, Melville, Perth, West Australia

Mary Jo Thomas (Cl 6) 10/8 Wyatt Ave, Burwood 2134, Burwood, Australia

OT Committees

London: Julian Bell (on NOTs), 4 Chase Mansions, Gondor Gardens, West Hampstead, London N6 1HA

East Grinstead: Steve Kaye (on NOTs), 120 Queens Road, East Grinstead

Plymouth: Michelle Brown (new OT IV) 7 Whitleigh Avenue, Crown Hill, Plymouth

Scotland: Robin Scott (OTIII), Candacraig, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire

AAC communication relay point for the UK and Europe:

Martin Ruston, 1st Floor, Constitutional Buildings, High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex, telephone (0342) 27697 during office hours