Scientology Service Completions - Source 24 [circa December 1979 ]

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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Source 24 [ circa December 1979 ]

Quick Stat Snapshot:
136 completions
127 individuals
12 different services

The following list of Scientology service completions appears in Source 24 [ circa December 1979 ] :


CLEAR [ 95 ]  ( CLEAR - learn more ) 

     Thelma Daggett
     Jeffrey C. Kittinger
     Nancy Goodman
     Ruth Willette
     Judy Grundy
     Patti Holscher
     Gerald J. Pacheff
     Frank Vicino
     Antonia Sanches
     Amedo E. Fonsecca
     Salmon D. Levy
     Fredrick Webber
     Emilio Kobeth
     Robert Bein
     Angelika Dangela
     Georg Jecel
     Peter Oswald
     Rosalie Gutzmer
     Denise Ceresuk
     Brett Oliver
     Sandy Cooper
     Chris Christophersen
     Ellen Jane Griffin
     Lori Taverna
     Gunther Laws
     Daniel Kuhn
     Julie Eggen
     Beatrice Helbling
     Yvonne Dane
     Jayne Curry
     Jeanette May
     Lydia Stoffel
     Bill Willson
     Paula Roberts
     Carolyn Judd
     Nunnie Silver
     Dieter Beumer
     Leigh Christopherson
     Mark Waterbury
     Helga Wagner
     Susan Bornemann
     Lucinda Martinez
     Nan Herst
     Michael Supak
     Louis Srybnik
     Alfred Szczeynsk
     Tommy Lipshaw
     Bernard Tate
     Marilyn Hydie
     Steven Holmes
     David McKee
     Dathy Shippen
     Wendel Dayton
     Martin E. Huber
     Randy Wise
     Sara Baker
     Bernhard Zollinger
     Oscar Saldarriaga
     Michael Marks
     Joe Hubert
     Carol Coburn
     Holton Rower
     Lottie Adler
     Irene Brunner
     Sandy Rower
     Angelo Doughia
     Noel King
     Claudine Joss
     Hal Seyle
     Sam David
     Skylla Peterson
     Gaby Bronsolier
     Michael Ageiss
     Sylvia Pelletie
     Nancey Kredel
     Willy Doetschmann
     Kim Wolery
     Jean Le Tate
     Don Warnock
     Lein Shershman
     Claire Melgren
     Robert St. James
     Timothy Foster
     Ronald Ambuhl
     Owe Thornquist
     Anne Basile
     Anita Scheistrel
     Johni Scicsziniski
     Kathy Wicky
     Materesa Brse
     Shawn Float
     Richard E. Barnette Jr.
     Laurin Stewart
     Cyprien Katsaris
     Dennis Cote

THETA CLEAR [ 10 ]  

     Larry Ringle
     Marianne Seitz
     William H. Spires
     Ralph Haley
     Barbara Frederick
     Ivan Erod
     George Lander
     James K. Reeve
     Materesa Ponce
     Randy Wise

MEST CLEAR [ 1 ]  

     Helen J. Barker

NED FOR OTS [ 10 ]  

     Gloria Morris
     Nuri Vinyallonga
     Ray Barton
     Bill Howey
     Joan Bishop
     Bob Zinner
     Jim Hetter
     Sonya lnglin
     Peggy Gandy
     Carter Manierre

GRADE III [ 1 ]  

     Thelma Daggett


     Sue Bettinger

GRADE IV [ 1 ]  

     Rolf Gutermann


     Irene Brunner
     Sue Bettinger

GRADE 0 [ 6 ]  

     Rosalie Gutzmer
     Patti Holscher
     Jerry M. Tole
     Leigh Christophersen
     Dominick Maiti
     Jean La Tate


     Hank Bruinsma
     Nunnie Silver
     Robert Bein

GRADE II [ 2 ]  

     Patti Holscher
     Larra Crammer


     Susan Silver
     Peter Schar
     Beatrice Hebling Giis
     Pamela Roberts

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