Impact 105: Honor Roll of the IAS - Crusaders

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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The following list appears in Impact 105 [ circa September 2003 ] :

Honor Roll of the IAS - Crusaders

Awarded to those who donate $10,000 US. [This is NOT a cumulative list. Crusaders are listed only once.]

     Patrick J. Alhadef
     William Parker Jr.
     Liz Allen
     Stuart Parkinson
     Johann Altendorfer
     Peter Auernig
     Ameris Personeni
     Desanka Petricevic-Riedl
     Stefano Balmas
     Patrizia Bassani
     Marzia Pezzali
     Gian Marco Bavaro
     Dominique Phillips
     Sharon Beauregard
     Marion Possler
     Luigi Bertoni
     Donata Preda
     Uwe Beyer
     Bernard L Reichel Jr.
     Antonella Bianchi
     Hans Werner Reithmeier
     Robert Birch
     Monique Horny
     Joost Renders
     Nicoletta Bossi
     Isabelle Houdemon
     Gianfranco Rizza
     Marco Bricola
     Norbert Hubach
     Razi Ronen
     Cecilia Brozzi
     Nikos Iliopoulos
     Alain Frank Rosenberg
     Gisela Burkhardt
     Steven Jelinski
     Maria Grazia Saltarin
     Lorenzo Calcinaghi
     Hans Kleber
     Elias Sanchez Alfaro
     Salvatore Castiglione
     Irina Knauer
     Gionni Savini
     Jesus Chacon Valderrain
     Raymond M. Koehler
     Keith Schare
     Vito Clarizio
     Mary Konopka
     Christof Schonenberger
     Megan Creel
     John Robert Kretz
     Gerhard B. Schwandt
     Giacomo Cremaschi
     Rudolf Kruspel
     Grahame Scott-Douglas
     Giovanni D'Imperio
     Tsung Hsien Lee
     Joachim Seeger
     Brian Daniels
     Fabrizio Leonelli
     Esther Soria Lopez-Penalver
     Giada Dolcet
     Bedzaida Leutenegger
     Steffen Ducksch
     Victor Lidchi
     Caroline Spada
     Denice Marie Duff
     Eric D. Livingston
     Adrian Tauber
     Ernestyna Eichenlaub
     Serge Loeffler
     Melodee Thomson
     Iolanda Fantini
     William T, Lohmann
     Giuseppe Tinella
     Colette Marie Faucoup-McKinley
     Ines Masotti
     Terry Tinkelenberg
     Haley Medeiros
     Bruce Trask
     Angelo M. Forte
     Irene P, Mele
     Arianna Termayne
     Don Foster
     Jeff Merritt
     Cheryl Troxclair
     Garth Fudens
     Christina Metz
     Diego Vallenilla
     Jean-Yves Gaudin
     Ron Meyerson
     Hilda Van Der Meulen
     Bonnie Gironella
     Oliver Miller
     Colston Vowles
     Michele Gissi
     Elvira Mirlisenna
     John Wadey
     Irina Glaser
     Danilo Moscatelli
     Rudolf Wagner
     David Griffiths
     Steven Mueller
     Chase Wilson
     Jan Gustafsson
     Paul Nicholl
     Carl Yeardsley
     Myron Heyl
     Philip Nichols
     Toshihiro Yoshimi
     Thomas Hick
     Daryl O'Grady
     Betsie Ziegler
     Harrinette Holt-Hansen
     Ruben Paganelli
     Vicenzo Zingaro

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