Impact 100: Crusaders

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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The following list appears in Impact 100 [ circa June 2002 ] :


     Andrew Amato
     Gosta Andersson
     John Andrews
     Jennifer Asplund
     Pauline Atkinson
     Hamid Badiolzamani
     Paolo Bardelli
     Evelyn Jodie Baron
     Massimo Bartalucci
     Ryan Bunny Beaty
     Harold A. Belsheim
     Steve Berra
     Ilona Bischoff
     Bruce Blankenfeld
     Michael J. Bloom
     Danny D. Boardman
     Sylvia Boeglin
     Jesper Boel
     Patrick Bourke
     Laila Breivik
     Giovanna Brenicci
     Mauro Calcioli
     Bruce Cambigue
     Shaun Carbins
     Ronan Carroll
     Michela Carta
     Renzo Cecconello
     Luis Fernando Chester
     Vella Cloyd
     Maurice Cohen
     Frances Cotter
     Alex Cronin
     Leonard Daly
     Mick Davies
     Leonard Day
     Margaret Dolan
     John G. Dunlap
     Leonhard Eckardt
     Akiko Eguchi
     Richard Fallon
     Lorraine Feather
     Ruth Fidan
     Peter Finnegan
     Seth Leroy Fitzgerald
     Beatrice Forestier
     Richer E. M. Francoeur
     Keith Frost
     Jan Caspar
     Eric Green
     Beverlea Hall
     Thomas C. Hall
     Iseult Healy
     Joan Heller
     Peggy Hilgers
     Rhoda Hirlemann
     Stefan Holbek
     David Louis Hughes
     Paul Hulme
     Robert B. Hutcheson
     John E. Hutt
     Steve Ingram
     Kim Judkin
     Teresa Kane
     Blaise Kindschi
     Anthony Knobbs
     Paul A. Lange
     Dimitri Lanza
     Aidan Lean
     Molly Lewis
     Cathie Lograsso
     Thomas LoGrasso
     Paul Longshaw
     Rasmus Lossius
     Debra Macintyre
     Viggo Mamelund
     Giovanni Marra
     Vicente Martinez Diego
     Juan Martinez Mendoza
     Mary Mathai
     David McGill
     Emanuele Micieli
     Karen Ann Morrissett
     Jason Mynes
     Dhruv Naikawadi
     Jessica Navarrete
     Margaret Neal
     Dieter Nothdurft
     Robert O'Brien
     Stanley Orzel
     Marc Pack
     Tibor A. Palatinus
     Massimo Parrino
     Richard Pickles
     Andy Ponnaz
     Pietro Privitera
     Sidney Raspberry
     Karl F. Reiter
     Alessandro Rossini
     Cristina Roveyaz
     Eva-Louise Salamina
     Emilia Sarracino Del Real
     Domenico Sbarra
     Gene R. Sironen
     Jeffery K. Smith
     Marianne Soell
     Genaro Sotelo Aguirre
     Amie Sprince
     Juerg Stadelmann
     Stephan Streicher
     Dominique Studer
     Andreas Suter
     Olga Sutter
     Paul Tallis
     Jacqueline Tomlinson
     Donna M. Tubman
     Luana Tuis
     Kenneth Ungarsohn
     Jacques Vieudrin
     Teresita Villas
     Mary Claire Wall
     Richard Watkins
     Shelley Wilkins
     Kathleen M. Windle
     Maria Wright
     Mark M. Wright
     Dominic Yerrell

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