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Scientology Clear List, Auditor 133, circa March 1977

TAS : Stats : Clears : Scientology Clear List, Auditor 133, circa March 1977

The following list of people attesting to Clear appeared in the Auditor magazine, a Scientology publication.

Now there are 5880 Clears

Clear 5854 ANDREW LEONARD, Hawaii
Clear 5855 DOUGLAS WEIGAND, St. Louis
Clear 5856 DAN WOODRUFF, Santa Clara
Clear 5857 CHAS. D. NEWTON, Los Angeles
Clear 5858 ANN ZANAS, New York
Clear 5859 ED BRYAN, Sacramento
Clear 5860 ROBERT PAGE, Buffalo
Clear 5861 JOANIE PAGE, Buffalo
Clear 5863 HAROLD HAGEN, Los Angeles
Clear 5864 EMORY MICHEL, San Antonio
Clear 5865 REV. MANNY SEGARRA, Puerto Rico
Clear 5866 NAOMI HECKLER, Los Angeles
Clear 5867 EDWIN MOFFITT, Valley
Clear 5868 GEORGE P. ROSENKRANZ, Bethesda
Clear 5869 SHERRY WILSON, Houston
Clear 5870 FRANK OWEN EATON, San Francisco
Clear 5871 DAVID LLOYD KERR, Toronto
Clear 5872 ERIC MILLER, Santa Barbara
Clear 5873 LOLA CASSELMAN, Sacramento
Clear 5874 SKYLLA PETERSON, Los Angeles
Clear 5875 MICHAEL LaROSEE, Boston
Clear 5876 SHARON DuFOUR, Orlando
Clear 5877 GARY BROWN, Sacramento
Clear 5878 RAFAEL ORTIZ, Mexico
Clear 5879 ED NARANJO, Miami
Clear 5880 RICHARD E. SKAPPLE, St. Louis