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Scientology Clear List, Auditor 122, circa April 1976

TAS : Stats : Clears : Scientology Clear List, Auditor 122, circa April 1976

The following list of people attesting to Clear appeared in the Auditor magazine, a Scientology publication.

Now there are 5246 Clears!

Clear 5190 Bruce Duszak, Detroit
Clear 5191 Jim Barker, Washington, D.C.
Clear 5192 Bob Morris, San Diego
Clear 5193 Pat Morrill, ASHO
Clear 5194 Jan Rolstad, Seattle
Clear 5195 Evy Criswell, Pasadena
Clear 5196 Shiloh Womack, Celebrity Centre
Clear 5197 Bud Dillinger, Los Angeles
Clear 5198 Sandy Chapman, Los Angeles
Clear 5199 John Pou, Charlotte, N.C.
Clear 5200 Riggs Eckelberry
Clear 5201 Chris Kight, Fresno
Clear 5202 Barbara Weir, Cherry Hill, N.J.
Clear 5203 Bill Hendricks, San Francisco
Clear 5204 Charles Moeller, Los Angeles
Clear 5205 Robert Fleck, New York
Clear 5206 Sandi Hanna, San Francisco
Clear 5207 Rod Welch, Los Angeles
Clear 5208 Harold Bezazian, Chicago
Clear 5209 Pat McClure, Orange County
Clear 5210 Hope Borowsky, New York
Clear 5211 Roger Vaughn, Washington, D.C.
Clear 5212 Rose Hogg, Toronto
Clear 5213 Molly Missonis, Washington, D.C.
Clear 5214 Paul Crabtree, Twin Cities
Clear 5215 Bob DiDiego, New York
Clear 5216 Debbie Dunnigan, East Bay
Clear 5217 Garnet Haas, Celebrity Centre
Clear 5218 John Learned, East Bay
Clear 5219 Robert Auer, Mexico City
Clear 5220 Randy Beres, Tustin, California
Clear 5220 Steve Grant, ASHO
Clear 5223 Michael Lewis, Washington, D.C.
Clear 5224 Pat Robinson
Clear 5225 Mike Eastman, Las Vegas
Clear 5226 Bob Hall, Sacramento
Clear 5227 John Mike Napier, Portland
Clear 5228 Don B. Lake, San Francisco
Clear 5229 John Doolittle
Clear 5230 Parran Dabney, ASHO
Clear 5231 Nomi Cook, New York
Clear 5232 James V. LaGuardia, New York
Clear 5233 Fenton Jones, Tustin, Calif.
Clear 5234 John Sundstrom, Tustin, Calif.
Clear 5235 Doris Prado, San Diego
Clear 5236 Pat Young, Edmonton
Clear 5237 Timberly McNally, Sacramento
Clear 5238 Margery Logwood, Palo Alto, Calif.
Clear 5239 Teri Tilwick, New York
Clear 5240 Warren Schneringer, Omaha
Clear 5241 Norman Sherrill, Santa Clara
Clear 5242 Pat Reyling, Palo Alto
Clear 5243 David Petit, Tustin, Calif.
Clear 5244 John Dries, San Francisco
Clear 5245 Carol Ann Eckelberry, Davis
Clear 5246 Gary Younge, Edmonton