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Scientology Clear List, Auditor 121, circa March 1976

TAS : Stats : Clears : Scientology Clear List, Auditor 121, circa March 1976

The following list of people attesting to Clear appeared in the Auditor magazine, a Scientology publication.

Now there are 5190 Clears!

Clear 5139 DANIEL S. DIVITO, New York
Clear 5140 HEINZ MEYER, Vancouver
Clear 5141 LARRY WOLLERSHIEM, Los Angeles
Clear 5142 ADRIAN DIXON, Sacramento
Clear 5143 JEANNE McKEVITT, Davis, Calif.
Clear 5144 MICHAEL BETTERIDGE, England
Clear 5176 PHYLLIS HARRIS, New York
Clear 5177 BOB ZELTZER, San Francisco
Clear 5178 LAURA PINTO, Tustin, California
Clear 5179 ELLIE BLANKENSHIP, Anderson, Indiana
Clear 5180 JOELLE PASTOR, Ardmore, PA.
Clear 5181 SANDY CONLEY, Sacramento
Clear 5182 TOM FRANCIS, San Francisco
Clear 5183 TED CRAMMER, San Diego
Clear 5184 MOLLY BORNSTEIN, New York
Clear 5185 KAY BIGGS, Seattle
Clear 5186 JOHN QUAST, Tustin, California
Clear 5187 PO GALCZAK, St. Louis
Clear 5188 PAT COOK, ASHO
Clear 5189 WAYNE THOMPSON, St. Louis
Clear 5190 JIM BARKER, Washington, D.C.