RTC Squirrels the Definition of the Second Dynamic

I recently learned about the most extraordinary, blatant alteration of the tech I'd ever heard of.

Current Scientology materials, including the new Introduction to Scientology Ethics and the Life Orientation Course materials, have completely changed the definition of the second dynamic.

When LRH was alive, the second dynamic was consistently described as the the urge toward sex and family.

It's now being described as CREATIVITY.

If you've read much Scieno-speak, you've probably seen references to "my 2D". This means "my girlfriend" or "my boyfriend" or "my romantic partner." There is also the phrase "out-2D", which means a sexual transgression, such as flirting with someone when you're committed to someone else.

There are several examples of this in the evidence in the Lisa McPherson case:




as well as in a statement by Annie Rosenblum:


Changing the definition from "sex and family" to "creativity" is a major alteration of Scientology teachings.

Scientologist Gene Zimmer has compiled an extraordinary document detailing these alterations. Gene was a Sea Org member who served as a Flag Rep for several years.

Gene sent his report to over two dozen Scientology executives. His efforts to Keep Scientology Working by eradicating altered tech have been met with silence and expulsion.

His full report can be found here or in PDF format here.

I was floored when I learned that current materials included such a drastic alteration. I am grateful to Gene for letting me know about it and for documenting it so thoroughly.