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Do you fully understand the term "science"?

Many Scientology publications use the word "science" - it even appears in the subtitle of the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

However, few (if any) of those publications fully define science - which is, after all, a huge subject.

Here are some dictionary definitions:

I assert that, if you fully understand the word "science", you must also fully understand each of the following terms. Do you?

  • pseudo-science
  • hard science
  • hypothesis
  • experiment
  • controlled experiment
  • control group
  • double-blind study
  • peer-reviewed literature
  • the scientific method
  • empirical observation
  • empirical phenomena
  • falsifiability
  • anecdotal evidence
  • scientific theory
  • scientific law
  • axiom
  • ad hoc hypothesis
  • communal reinforcement
  • confirmation bias
  • Occam's razor
  • the placebo effect
  • the post hoc fallacy
  • duplicating results
  • self-deception
  • subjective validation

If you don't fully understand each of the above terms, you can find definitions for many of them in the five dictionaries listed above. Several are also defined in the Science article at the Skeptic's Dictionary.

Can you use each term above in a sentence related to Scientology?