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Do you fully understand the term "Saint Hill size"?

Many Scientology publications discuss orgs that have achieved the goal of "going Saint Hill size", or that are striving toward that goal.

However, few if any of them define specifically what that means. The term is not defined in the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary.

What defines Saint Hill size?

  • Square footage of the org building?
  • Square footage of the org grounds?
  • Square footage of the auditing rooms?
  • Number of org staff?
  • Number of org delivery staff (auditors)?
  • Number of org students?
  • Number of org PCs?
  • Gross income of the org?
  • Number of well-done auditing hours delivered at the org?
  • Number of Clears produced at the org?

Is it a combination of these criteria? If so, which ones?

Is there a PL or reference where the criteria are laid out, clearly and unambiguously?

Here are references to some Scientology publications that mention orgs going "Saint Hill size" without fully defining the term:

Given even the partial information we have about the criteria for Saint Hill size, is it feasible for orgs to attain Saint Hill size?